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Sativa Hybrid
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THC: 21%

Burberry is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain comes from the popular strain Blue Dream and crossed it with Blue Cheese strains. The aroma of this strain brings sweet blueberries to the nose and a taste of tropical berries! The high of Burberry starts off slow but kicks in with a punch! It will start off with a tingly energy that flows all throughout your body. This will help you get into the right mental state for any tasks. Along with helping you relax without dampening your energy level. You’ll have an optimistic attitude and the motivation to take on any tasks or even start a new one! This strain is loved by its users for the help against stress, nausea, and depression. 

Primary Terpenes:

Limonene /Linalool / Mycrene 

Your purchase of digital art comes with this FREE gift of Burberry.

*Sales tax on digital art is included in the listed price.*

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I am from the NY area and was recommended this place from a friend. The shop looks amazing and Jordan was so great! I loved his personality and how he took the time to give me great advice on what type of art and gifts would interact in a positive way for me. You can tell he is very knowledgeable and takes pride in what he does! Thank you Jordan for making my vacation a success!

- Nina Luna
A Legacy DC Weed Dispensary Customer


Relax and enjoy. Legacy DC Weed Dispensary’s immersive atmosphere allows you to experience cannabis in a new way. Our Washington DC clothing and gifting shop is dedicated to bringing you the best gifting experience in the city.

At Legacy, we’re about more than just great products. We aim to build a community that enables peace and change. Stop by today to experience Legacy DC Weed Dispensary for yourself!

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Your Q's. Our A's

Initiative 71 is DC’s marijuana decriminalization law. Adults over 21 are legally allowed to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. Although the sale of marijuana and THC products is still illegal, it is perfectly legal for an adult to gift up to an ounce to another adult. That’s where we come in! For more information on I-71:
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Legacy DC Weed Dispensary is an art gallery that gifts recreational I-71 Cannabis Products. We specialize in graffiti and street art, and we sell digital prints by local artists. We also have a gift bar where you can check out some FREE gifts (flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls) to enjoy with your art.

Just your valid ID (21+). You don’t need a medical card, and you don’t need to be a DC resident. MASKS are required upon entry and for the duration of your visit. Our security will be checking your temperature to ensure your safety.

Nope! Our curators can help you pick something out in the gallery. You are welcome to order ahead if you already know exactly what you’re looking for and want to make sure it is reserved for you when you arrive.
We are CASH ONLY. We have an ATM inside the store that you are welcome to use, and we will reimburse the ATM fee as a discount on your art purchase. The machine has a $200 limit, so we recommend bringing money from home if you plan on making a large purchase. We do NOT accept credit cards, Cashapp, or Venmo.

You will receive a receipt card at the end of your art purchase that has an exclusive download code written on it. Email that code to [email protected] and we will forward your digital print back to your email.

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