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How to Find the Best Cannabis Dispensaries in D.C. 

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Washington D.C. is a great city for a wide variety of reasons. The nation’s capital is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the U.S. Thanks to its many national monuments, rich history, and cultural relevancy, bringing in an estimated 24.6 million people per year. From the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial as part of the sweeping National Mall, to the museums and food culture of the city, many know D.C. as one of the finest places to spend their time. What many might not know, however, is that Washington D.C. is one of the first handful of U.S. states and territories that legalized and decriminalized recreational weed. You can get weed, legal cannabis products like edibles, pre-rolls full of legal D.C. weed, and medical cannabis products from either one of the many recreational dispensaries or a medical cannabis dispensary scattered throughout the nation’s capital!

As early adopters, D.C. was quick to combine their thriving tourist industry with their up-and-coming legal weed scene after legalization to become the prime destination on the East coast for cannabis tourism. Whether you’re looking for edibles, CBD, pre-rolls, topicals, concentrates, or pretty much anything else, you can get pretty much any cannabis product you can imagine from D.C.’s top-notch dispensaries, whether they’re recreational marijuana dispensaries like Legacy DC. or another licensed dispensary.

This article is going to highlight how to figure out which dispensaries in D.C. are worth visiting when you’re in town, which ones offer the best quality product, who has the top-notch customer service, and how to find the best cannabis dispensaries in the nation’s capital. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Best Dispensary Location 

Whether it’s fair or not, there’s just something special and legitimizing about a business with a brick-and-mortar storefront. While there’s nothing wrong with tasty food trucks and trendy pop-up shops, those tend to flash in the pan when compared to businesses with some real estate. The same concept applies when looking for the best dispensaries in D.C.!

If you’re on the hunt for a top-quality dispensary in D.C., you’re best looking for one close to the heart of the city. After all, that’s where the hotels, tourist attractions, and pretty much anything else you’re looking for is going to be. So the same concept applies to dispensaries, right? Legacy D.C., for example, is close to Columbia Heights, only a stones-throw away from D.C. staples like the African American Civil War Museum and Howard University, only a short walk or drive from the city center and only about 15 minutes by car from historic Georgetown. Not only do they offer a massive variety of cannabis flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrates, but they even offer books, clothing, and art in their storefront for the high-minded stoner visiting the nation’s capital! Legacy DC. is hard to beat when it comes to recreational dispensaries in D.C.

Simply put, a key part of finding the best dispensary in D.C. is about where that brick-and-mortar store is actually located. That goes for both recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries! For some, the trip across the District of Columbia might be worth it if they’re getting the products they want. For others, it’s all about convenience and ease. After all, what’s the sense in paying extra for delivery service when you can save the money and reduce the waste by going and getting it yourself! 

Best  DC Dispensary Prices

When you’re considering whether to head to a dispensary to pick up your pre-order, flash your medical cannabis card to the security guard at the door, or just buy weed in general, no matter if you’re looking at options in Dupont, Noma, or Adams Morgan, price is always a factor. After all, all types of cannabis, even medical cannabis that helps patients see profound and meaningful relief from their symptoms, is an additional expensive outside of things like rent, groceries, and childcare.

So it only makes sense that cannabis consumers would try and get the very most bang for their buck possible. With dispensaries offering customer-friendly options like delivery and curbside pickup, there’s sure to be a product for pretty much everyone at a price point that works best for them!

And while it’s impossible to argue that cannabis prices in D.C. have gotten better than they used to be, the costs of recreational and medical cannabis products are still prohibitive for many. So when consumers are choosing the dispensary they ultimately go to and purchase from, a major factor is the costs of the products themselves. Thankfully, top-notch dispensaries like Legacy D.C. offer discounts, daily specials and exclusive offers, and competitive prices anywhere in the nation’s capital. 

Research Product Offerings At Dispensaries

Believe it or not, not all cannabis dispensaries carry the same stuff as one another. While they all might carry the same types of cannabis industry-specific products like cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and tinctures, just to name a few, not every product is exactly the same. There are big differences in strains grown and carried, which fundamentally alters the way those cannabis products will impact those who use them. For example, the cannabis flower you’ll get from dispensaries in Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, or Colony Hill, will likely be different than the strains, edibles, and vapes you’ll get from dispensaries in areas like Marshall Heights, Fort Dupont, and Columbia Heights. 

The best way to figure out what’s right for you and which dispensary has what you’re looking for is to check out their menus online and do your research! Just a few minutes of browsing menus online and knowing what you want from where before you go will go a long way to saving a lot of time and effort for you, the consumer! Most DC dispensaries even offer discounts for first-time DC weed buyers. Just be prepared if you head to a medical dispensary instead of a recreational one. If you’re a patient from out of state, like from Maryland or Virginia for example, then you will need a valid medical marijuana card to even get into a medical dispensary. All you will need for a recreational dispensary is a valid form of state-issued I.D.

Once you know what you like and where to get it, you can then shop for deals. Compare the prices from one dispensary to another, saving money when and where you can. In most cases, Legacy D.C. stands out as a fantastic option when it comes to price points. They offer great products at a wide variety of reasonable prices, whether you’re looking for top-shelf cannabis flower, tasty cannabis-infused edible treats, or just some smoking accessories and rolling papers. Simply put, when you’re looking to buy D.C. weed, do your research on what you want, where to get it, and where to get the best deal by checking things out online.

Online Dispensary Pre Orders and Store Pickup

In today’s modern age, technology is less of a luxury and more of a utility. Those phones in all of our pockets have more computing power in them than the rocket ship that sent men to the moon, and we just use them to send memes back and forth. Instead, however, you should use those phones and technology to figure out where dispensaries are in D.C. and what D.C. weed products they have to offer. 

Apps like Leafly, Where’s Weed, and Weed Maps, just to name a few, all exist to help you physically locate dispensaries, see their menus, and compare prices. So why not use them? Most are free to use, make your life as a cannabis consumer easier, and are incredibly user-friendly. 

All of these apps also work hard to make sure they’re including only licensed, Initiative 71-compliant locations like Legacy D.C. in their databases, which means it takes guesswork about whether a dispensary is legit out of your hands. You can just trust and be confident that you’re good to go!

So instead of scrolling social media, use that time instead to do a little research on where the dispensaries you’re considering are exactly in D.C., what items are on those menus, and how much that cannabis is going to cost you when you reach the register. With something as easy as using a phone app, knowledge is power! And that power could save you lots of time and money on your recreational or medical cannabis products at checkout! 

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, figuring out which products work best for you, have the products you like, and are located in the places that are most convenient for you will take some time. Some trial and error to find the right spots that suit your needs. Cannabis is, like most things, deeply personal to people. Different strains might impact them differently, prices might be too high one place and just right the next, or maybe the vibe is just off in one place but perfect in another. Regardless of why you choose the dispensaries that you do, use this handy article to help you figure out which ones are right for you in as many ways as possible!