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Buying Concentrates In DC -2024 Guide

Welcome to our informative guide on buying the best concentrates in Washington, DC. Concentrates are cannabis goods that have gone through a particular process to remove THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Cannabis concentrates come in various forms like oil, shatter, and wax. Since Recreational marijuana has been on the rise in the capital when Initiative 71 was passed, DC had a lot to offer in terms of concentrates.

If you are 21 or older, you can buy concentrates in Washington, DC, from licensed dispensaries. Hundreds of DC concentrate/dab game sellers offer wax, hash rosin, budder, shatter, and batter products. It’s always beneficial to look into several dispensaries and compare their product selections and deals before purchasing.

Let’s dive deeper into cannabis concentrates in Washington, DC!

Where Can You Buy Concentrates In DC?

Legacy DC is a trusted and reliable weed dispensary located in DC that sells premium cannabis extracts. Legacy DC prioritizes having an excellent selection of high-quality carts and concentrates for the best price. Legacy’s customer service is outstanding because our staff is always ready to assist you in finding cannabis that caters to your needs.

When purchasing from Legacy DC, a medical card isn’t needed, but you do need to be 21 years old with valid identification. Legacy provides Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis concentrate products that are premium quality and consist of high THC levels. You can visit our website to view the variety of cannabis concentrates, or you are welcome to stop by to browse and shop in-store. Legacy DC lets you quickly pick up your preferred concentrates, including Live Resin, Budder, Dabs, Distillate, Vape Carts, Rosin, Diamonds, and more!

Cannabis Concentrate Dispensary

Cannabis enthusiasts can choose from a large selection of cannabis goods at DC cannabis concentrate dispensaries. Legacy DC carries everything from oils and live resin to shatter and wax. They give consumers an easy method to get tasty, potent, high-quality concentrates. Our staff at Legacy DC can assist you in finding the ideal product, regardless of your preference for terpenes or high THC content. Before visiting us, confirm Washington, DC’s legal requirements and restrictions. Have fun learning about the world of cannabis extracts!

Best Concentrate Products In Washington DC

Are you searching for the best cannabis concentrates available in Washington, DC? You don’t need to search any longer because we have curated a list of the top cannabis concentrates, vape pens, and flower in Washington, DC. To purchase these concentrated cannabis products, you do not need to be a resident of Washington, DC, or present a valid medical card at the dispensary. Under Initiative 71, you can get free cannabis dispensary gifts by purchasing a piece of art if you are 21 or older. Let’s begin with the top types of concentrates in the DC area!

Concentrate Weed Vape Carts

Live resin diamond cartridges, the best THC vaporizer available, are carried by Legacy DC. You have to try a Torch Ghost Disposable Cartridge if you haven’t already. Because live resin cartridges aren’t manufactured with distillate, you get all the effects of the strain. After taking a few puffs from our reusable THC vaporizer, you start to feel good!

legacy dc ceramic distillate cartridge

For anyone seeking a less expensive option to experience the effects of concentrate vape carts, Legacy DC provides a 1g vape cartridge filled with premium distillate and natural, quality-tested terpenes. The cartridge is made entirely of ceramic and features the most advanced anti-leak technology. There are no lingering solvents, insecticides, or heavy metals. This blend contains only THC and natural terpenes. The chosen terps have a hybrid-related impact.

Live Resin Concentrates DC

Live Resin Wax is a great concentrate known for its exceptional flavor, aroma, and smooth consistency. Live resin is made using a method called solvent-based extraction that flash-freezes cannabis flowers. This extraction process preserves a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids than other methods. The result of this method is a robust flavor profile, vibrant aroma, and immersive experience from the effects that set it apart from basic shatter. Live Resin Wax offers high value for those seeking a potent, aromatic, and flavorful concentrate. The enhanced sensory experience and effects make it a top choice for dabbing or vaping aficionados.

Shatter Concentrates DC

Shatter concentrates are becoming more and more popular among cannabis enthusiasts in Washington, DC. With a transparent appearance and high THC content levels, shatter stands out among all cannabis concentrates. Shatter is produced by utilizing solvents like butane by removing terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Immense potency and highly effective cannabis strains are the results. Different shatter concentrates are available at many weed dispensaries in Washington, DC, like Legacy DC. The quality and purity of their cannabis goods are evaluated in labs. A diverse range of strains with distinct flavor characteristics and effects are available for selection. These dispensaries include services that can assist you with concentrates regardless of your experience level.

Organic Hash Rosin Concentrates DC

Across the crowd of cannabis lovers who love natural products, organic hash rosin concentrates in DC are growing in popularity. Solventless hash is pressed to create hash rosin, a type of cannabis concentrate that is produced without the use of chemicals or solvents. Because organic cannabis plants are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals during production, organic hash rosin concentrates are characterized as different. As a result, the concentrate is produced that is both potent and chemical-free.

types of dispensary cannabis concentrates in washington dc

Types of Dispensary Cannabis Concentrates In Washington, DC

You can purchase various concentrates in the capital. All concentrates come from THC flower, and what makes them different is the extraction process. You can use specific concentrates for different things such as taking dabs, vaping, adding concentrates to your pre-rolls, and tinctures for making edibles. Cannabis concentrates are also known as extracts, and the way they are extracted determines the type and quality of the concentrate. The extraction process determines the type of concentrate and the consistency and flavor profile.

Solventless Cannabis Concentrates

A majority of the cannabis community favors solventless extracts since chemicals are not used during the extraction process of these concentrates. Solventless extraction methods maintain the terpenes and trichomes, which give you the full effects of the cannabis strain.

  • Kief extract is made by grinding cannabis flowers through a fine mesh screen. You can find Kief used on moon rocks, caviar, kief-coated pre-rolls, or being placed within a bowl.

  • Dry-Sift Is another form of Kief that has been gathered and pressed into small or large bars that can be dabbed or used within blunts, pre-rolls, bowls, and more. Kief captures all of the trichomes and is a favorite for cannabis connoisseurs.

  • Bubble Hash Is extracted using water and ice. You can make bubble hash using cannabis flower or cannabis plant parts so growers can utilize all parts of the plant. The cannabis flower or plant is agitated and drained through screens so that all that is left is a complex, waxy substance known as bubble hash or ice hash. Hash can be dabbed, used in edibles, or added to a joint.

  • Rosin is extracted using pressure and heat. Rosin is exceptionally high in cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes. SAP, rosin jam, solventless hash oil (SHO), budder. There are different types of rosin: flower rosin, hash rosin, dry-sift rosin, and badder rosin.

Solvent Based Cannabis Concentrates

Solvent-based concentrates are also known as extracts since they are made with chemical extracts, which we will review. Some extracts

  • Shatter is created through Hydrocarbon (BHO), which uses butane and propane to strip the THC & cannabinoids from the plant when placed under pressure. The purest form of BHO is also known as shatter. BHO products can reach up to 80% THC and are primarily used for dabbing.

  • Live Resin is extracted using CO2 rather than chemicals, which has made it a top-rated organic cannabis product. The CO2 extracts the cannabis, cannabinoids, and terpenes into different forms depending on how it is extracted and the processes followed. These forms can be THC diamonds, THC sauce, live resin, THC sugar, THC vapes, and more.

  • Distillate – can be created through butane or the CO2 process. When distillate is made, it extracts only the THC from the flower or plant parts, which leaves you with no effects of the strain due to removing all the cannabinoids and terpenes.