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Buying Concentrates in DC 2023

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Where Can You Buy Concentrates In DC?

You can buy high quality cannabis concentrates at Legacy DC in Washington DC. You must be 21 years of age and have a valid legal photo ID, no medical card is required. Legacy DC is a cannabis concentrate store within the Adams Morgan area of DC that carries Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis concentrates. You can stop by to browse and shop in-store or visit the website and take a look at the cannabis concentrates selection. Click the image below to browse the online store for convenient in-store pickup of your favorite concentrates, which include: Live Resin, Budder, Dabs, Distillate, Vape Carts, Rosin, Diamonds, and more!

Types of DC Cannabis Concentrates

Types of Concentrates Legay DC

You can purchase all types of concentrates in DC. All concentrates come from THC flower and what makes them different is the extraction process. You can use different types of concentrates for different things such as taking dabs, vaping, adding concentrates to your pre roll, and tinctures for making edibles. These are some of the ways you can enjoy cannabis concentrates. There are things you want to look for when looking for high quality concentrates in DC, which we will go over as we talk about the different types of concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are also known as extracts and the way they are extracted determines the type and quality of the concentrate. The type of concentrate is determined by the extraction process and determines the texture and flavor profile as well.

Solventless Cannabis Concentrates

Solventless extracts are favored by a majority of the cannabis community since chemicals are not used during the extraction process of these concentrates. Solventless extraction methods maintain the terpenes and trichomes which give you the full effects of the cannabis strain.

  • Kief extract is made by grinding cannabis flower through a fine mesh screen. You can find kief used on moon rocks, caviar, kief coated pre rolls or being placed within a bowl.
  • Dry-Sift Is another form of Kief that has been gathered and pressed into small or large bars that can be dabbed or used within blunts, pre rolls, bowls and more. Kief captures all of the trichomes and is a favorite for cannabis connoisseurs.
  • Bubble Hash Is extracted using water and ice. You can make bubble hash using cannabis flower or cannabis plant parts so growers can utilize all parts of the plant. The cannabis flower or plant is agitated and drained through screens so that all that is left is a hard waxy substance known as bubble hash or ice hash. Hash can be dabbed, used in edibles, or added to a joint.
  • Rosin is extracted using pressure and heat. Rosin is extremely high in cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes. SAP, rosin jam, solventless hash oil (SHO), budder. There are different types of rosin, Flower rosin, hash rosin, dry-sift rosin, badder.

Solvent Based Cannabis Concentrates

Solvent-based concentrates are also known as extracts since they are made with chemical extracts which we will go over. Some extracts

  • Shatter is created through a process called Hydrocarbon also known as (BHO), which uses butane and propane to strip the THC & cannabinoids from the plant when placed under pressure. The purest form of BHO is also known as shatter. BHO products can reach up to 80% THC and are primarily used for dabbing.
  • Live Resin is extracted using CO2 rather than chemicals which have made it a very popular organic cannabis product. The CO2 extracts the cannabis, cannabinoids, and terpenes into different forms depending on how it is extracted and the processes followed. These forms can be THC diamonds, THC sauce, live resin, THC sugar, THC vapes, and more.
  • Distillate – can be created through butane or the CO2 process. When distillate is made, it extracts only the THC from the flower or plant parts which leaves you with no effects of the strain due to removing all the cannabinoids and terpenes, also known as terps.

Best DC Cannabis Concentrates

Want to know what the best of the best cannabis concentrates in DC. Look no further; we will go through the best cannabis concentrates, best vape cartridges, and best weed in DC. You do not have to be a DC resident or require a medical card at a dispensary to buy these concentrated cannabis products. You only have to be 21+ or older and buy something to receive the free cannabis gifts. Now let’s dive into the best medical marijuana gifts!

Concentrate Disposable Vape Cart DC

Legacy DC carries the highest quality THC vape you can buy, live resin diamond cartridges. If you have never tried one, you must try a Torch Diamond Disposable Cartridge. Live resin cartridges give you all the effects of the strain since they are not made with distillate. A few hits of this disposable THC vape, and you are feeling right!

live resin diamond concentrate vape dc

Concentrate Vape Cartridge

Phire Vape Cartridges at Legacy DC is the best bang for your buck when it comes to vapes. They provide a super great high and come in a variety of strains. Some of our favorite strains that Legacy DC carries are Gelato, Cactus Blast, and Cranberry Crush. These distillate carts are a super high THC percentage and are 100% ethanol free. You can tell just by looking at the vape cart and how clear it is.

Phire premium distillate cart

Live Resin Sugar Concentrates DC 

Legacy DC’s Live Resin Sugar is made with fresh frozen flower and whole plants and provides an extremely flavorful and aromatic experience. Live resin sugar maintains all the cannabinoids and terpenes, which in turn gives you the strain high at a level flower is unable to provide

live resin sugar concentrate dc