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Buying Recreational Weed In DC

buying recreational weed DC

We will show you how to purchase the best recreational cannabis Washington DC has to offer through Initiative 71 at local storefront dispensary smoke shops. When you walk or drive through the city, you will see signs that say I-71, which is short for initiative 71. This means that this business is gifting recreational cannabis. In our quick guide, we will show you how to buy recreational weed in DC safely.

DC Recreational Weed Buying Process

buying recreational weed steps

Step 1: Find A Trusted and safe recreational gifting dispensary. Legacy DC Is the number one dispensary in DC and has a vast selection of cannabis products such as flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and more. With thousands of reviews, you can easily tell the products are from a trusted dispensary. Legacy DC provides the best weed, friendly customer service, and security personnel to make you feel safe and happy every step of the way.

Step 2: View the menu in person or online. Regarding various cannabis products, the budtenders at Legacy DC and the other reputable dispensaries listed below are always delighted to respond to inquiries. If you’re just getting into cannabis, don’t be hesitant to stroll in and ask questions; the staff is knowledgeable and always happy to help.

Step 3: Bring a valid 21+ ID and cash or use the local ATM within the shop. Legacy DC has an ATM in store that is secure, safe, and easy to use. You can purchase cannabis gifts by going onto the website and adding the products you would like to receive. Next, buy the digital art of the cannabis products you want to receive, go pick-up in store, and get your free cannabis gift. You can redeem your digital art online with the code provided as well as your weed gifts. Not all dispensaries offer digital art, it is just the most popular form of gifting. Some stores offer stickers, t-shirts, or other cool products you can enjoy.

Step 4: Enjoy your gifted cannabis products!

Best Recreational Weed Dispensaries In DC

Legacy DC

The most popular and highly rated recreational dispensary in DC is Legacy DC. They provide the city’s highest-quality cannabis flower gifts. To view the dispensary menu, which includes a variety of edibles, flower, vapes, pre-rolls, and concentrates, click the image below.

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Gifted Curators

Since the start of initiative 71, Gifted Curators has been a reputable dispensary. You won’t be disappointed visiting Gifted if you’re looking for a great choice of Indica and Sativa cannabis goods.

gifted curators dispensary

Best Recreational Weed Deliveries

Peace In The Air

Peace in the air has a smaller selection of products, but they make sure only to carry high-quality products. They offer a great selection of hybrid, indicia, and Sativa cannabis flowers, along with other cannabis products and magic mushrooms. Peach in the air offers in store shopping, curb side pickup and even delivery within the Washington DC area. Peace In The Air is open from 10am to 8pm seven days a week. 

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Best Recreational Cannabis Products In DC

Recreational Cannabis Flower

If you’re looking for the best place to buy weed flower in DC, you don’t need to look any further. The best Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis in the city can be found at Legacy DC. Check out Legacy’s popular OG Kush if you’re looking for a strain to help you unwind after a long exhausting day. Most people who use OG Kush get the same effects: a well-balanced head and body high, along with intense feelings of happiness and cerebral effects. Fans of OG Kush say that just a few puffs will put you in a calm, trance-like state.

Another popular strain you can find on the website is Lambs Bread. Whether you’re looking for a strain for the day or for when you are on the go, check out Lamb’s Bread at Legacy DC. Lamb’s bread, also known as lamb’s breath, has a fantastic mood-lifting impact and will keep you cognitively alert while having little effect on your body. Because of its intensity and energetic effects, this strain is best for morning use or during the daytime. Lamb’s Bread is known to help people with pain, appetite loss, and depression.

Recreational Weed Edibles

Weed gummies, mello bars, and capsules are just a few of the many edibles available at Legacy DC and other recreational dispensaries. Baghead Boys, Faded Fruits, Mello Bars, and Chill Pills are the most popular edible brands in DC. These THC edibles are available in recreational dispensaries and deliveries.

Recreational Weed Gummies

The most popular edibles products are recreational weed gummies, which can be found at your local trusted dc dispensary. You don’t need to look any further if you’re looking for the most potent edible cannabis products in the District of Columbia. Baghead Boys’ Sour Patch gummies each contain 200 milligrams of THC, and they are available for purchase at Legacy DC.

Dean and Deluca gummies are the best edibles for when you’re on the go. Each gummy has anywhere from 5mg to 10mg of THC, depending on the strain and flavor. For those with a higher tolerance, Faded Fruits are a great option because they contain 50mg per gummy.

Recreational Weed Vapes

There are several types of weed vapes available, including disposable carts and weed pens made with the highest quality DC weed. Legacy’s most popular weed vape cartridge is the High Frequency Vape Cartridge. These all-in-one disposables contain 1g of high-quality cannabis oil with a total THC content of 91.4%. You can choose between Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid for your vape cartridge.

Is Recreational Weed Legal In DC?

Yes, recreational weed is legal in dc through I-71! There is no longer a need to go through the medical marijuana process and purchase a medical marijuana card. The loophole is that you can be gifted legal marijuana all throughout the city due to initiative 71. This Initiative 71 marijuana law went into full effect on February 26, 2015. This legalization allows DC residents and visitors DC from anywhere to purchase, possess, share, smoke, and grow cannabis within the District of Columbia. This means you don’t have to worry about law enforcement.

What are the laws for recreational marijuana in DC?

dc weed laws

Recreational cannabis is legal to be gifted at dispensaries as a free gift through I-71 at gifting shops. You purchase digital art, artwork, a t-shirt, sticker and are gifted a gift with your purchase. There are I-71-compliant dispensary storefronts and weed delivery services. Marijuana gifting is a simple and easy process, and the budtenders at Legacy DC will walk you through the simple process, and Washington DC also offers medical cannabis, but that will require you to obtain a medical cannabis card along with being a DC resident. Through recreational I-71 dispensaries, you can obtain cannabis with a valid 21+ ID. You may even grow your own marijuana plants for personal use through I-71.

The metropolitan police department states that through I-71, you may possess up to two ounces but may only gift up to one ounce of cannabis.

Is smoking weed legal in DC?

Yes! Cannabis possession and home cultivation are legal in Washington DC for adults 21 and older. The DC Council decriminalized marijuana in 2014. Later that year, voters approved Initiative 71, which legalized the personal possession of small amounts of marijuana. Adults may possess up to two ounces of marijuana for recreational use, as well as paraphernalia. Adults were allowed to possess, grow, and distribute recreational marijuana under the initiative. The policy became effective in 2015. We will go over the rules and regulations for smoking marijuana in DC.

Can you smoke weed outside in DC?

Although smoking weed is not fully permitted the rules are being relaxed. There are plenty of safe places to smoke in Washington, DC. Georgetown is a great and comfortable place to smoke cannabis because of the numerous smoke shops nearby. People often visit the beautiful Georgetown waterfront to smoke because it is a nice place to relax. Some DC nightclubs even allow guests to smoke a few joints on their premises. When looking for a place to smoke, keep in mind that smoking on federal property is considered a crime. Marijuana use is prohibited in parks, public housing developments, military bases, and other known federal properties. You should be able to smoke almost anywhere except federal property as long as you are careful.

Can you smoke weed in a car in DC?

In Washington DC and all other states in the USA, smoking marijuana in a moving vehicle is prohibited. Even if your car is parked and the keys are not in the ignition, you can still get a ticket or even a DUI. If you intend to smoke and travel in DC, make sure to have a designated driver or call an Uber. Can you smoke weed inside your house in DC?

Yes, you can smoke marijuana anywhere in your home, apartment, or condo. There are some 420-friendly hotels and Airbnb that allow smoking!

What’s the difference between recreational weed and medical marijuana in DC?

There are a few key differences between medical and recreational marijuana. Only DC residents with medical cards can purchase medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is mostly used for medicinal purposes, such as treating various ailments. You must obtain a prescription to be able to purchase medical weed. Marijuana for recreational use is only used for leisure. In the same way that you don’t need a prescription for alcohol, recreational cannabis is treated similarly. To buy recreational marijuana in DC, all you need is a 21+ valid ID, and thanks to the I-71 initiative, you can be gifted cannabis at any I-71 smoke shop.

Can I buy recreational Weed if I’m from out of state?

You can buy marijuana regardless of where you live. Whether you are traveling, passing through, or visiting, recreational cannabis can be purchased with a 21+ valid ID, such as a valid driver’s license or passport, at any I-71 cannabis dispensary, such as Legacy DC.

Recreational Weed Events In DC

There are recreational cannabis events that happen in Washington DC every day, and the national cannabis festival is held within DC once a year. Check out Gentleman Toker’s page to find the latest cannabis events, or sign up for the Legacy DC newsletter below to have events e-mailed over.

DC National Cannabis Festival

The greatest recreational cannabis event in the country, the national Cannabis Festival, takes place once a year on the weekend closest to April 20 to commemorate the 420 holidays. The future festival in 2023 will take place on 4/22/23 and features a variety of events, such as live music, vendors, and socializing with local cannabis enthusiasts. The highlighted artist performing at the National Cannabis Festival for 2023 is Wiz Khalifa. The Exhibitor Fair is one of the festival’s main attractions, where you can browse the art, demos, fashion, grower’s gear, wellness products, free swag, and more from over 100 participating exhibitors. NCC is also held at the festival (National Cannabis Championship). Which honors cannabis cultivation. This festival will feature competitions in the following categories: DC THC flowers, Virginia THC flowers, Hemp flowers, Hemp edibles, and Hemp topicals. Tickets and VIP packages will go on sale in November!