pre roll buying guide washington dc

Pre-Roll Buying Guide Washington DC

One thing experienced smokers and cannabis newbies can both agree on: It’s not always easy to roll your joints. Whether you’re rolling on the go or have no idea where to start, there’s nothing more frustrating than smoking a poorly rolled joint. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to roll your own. Instead, you can drop by our dispensary in Washington, DC, to try our wide variety of flavorful pre-roll options. The convenience of pre-rolls makes cannabis accessible to everyone. They put an easy, smooth smoking experience in the hands of cannabis smokers — no rolling required. 

So, where can you find great pre-rolled joints in Washington, DC? If you know anything about the DC weed scene, you know that the laws aren’t always straightforward. Thanks to I-71, though, buying recreational weed and even getting weed delivery in DC is perfectly legal, as long as you know the rules. 

Let’s break down the basics of buying pre-rolls in DC, from the different types of pre-rolls to the best pre-roll brands you can find in the city.

Where To Buy Pre-Rolls in DC?

where to buy pre rolls in dc

Buying weed pre-rolls in DC might seem confusing at first. While DC legalized recreational weed in 2015 through Initiative 71, it gets more complicated than that. The law still technically prohibits the purchase of recreational marijuana. 

Does that mean you can’t buy pre-rolls in DC? Not at all. It just means you have to buy through a loophole — the law permits the gifting of up to one ounce of cannabis. This clause opened up a thriving gifting market for recreational cannabis in DC. 

Instead of purchasing weed directly, you buy a product they sell in store, like stickers, t-shirts, artwork, and other gifts. With that gift, you get a weed product of your choice.

So while it might seem complicated, the process is pretty simple. When you buy from a dispensary like Legacy DC, it’s easy to explore the selection online and place an order for pickup or drop by to browse the offerings in person. Once you pick out the artwork you want to buy, you get a pre-roll product. 

At some dispensaries, you can get delivery services too. Cannabis delivery (sometimes even free delivery) lets you have products at your door in a few hours, along with the gift of your choice.

Cost of DC Pre-Rolls

A single pre-roll will cost you around $10 on average. When you buy in quantities of two, three, or more, the price drops to around $7 to $9 per roll.

The price of pre-rolls can depend on some factors, from the quality of weed to the percentage of THC. They can be bought as single rolls or in packs of three or more. As with flowers, you can select Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains based on your preferences.

Of course, it is more than just getting the best deal. The best pre-rolls are only sometimes the most affordable. Some cannabis companies cut corners by filling their pre-rolls with low-quality plant parts like trims, stems, leaves, and cast-offs. When purchasing a pre-roll, ensure you pay for high-quality cannabis rather than scraps. That means pure, clean flavor with a smooth, potent hit.

Best Pre-Roll Brands DC

best pre roll brands dc

In an industry where pre-rolls have a terrible reputation for low-quality buds, it’s more important than ever to seek out top-notch pre-roll brands. You may be looking for something convenient to help you chill out at the end of a long day. Or you’re looking for an intense next-level experience that will entirely transport you to a new world. 

Whatever experience you need, there’s a pre-roll to deliver. At Legacy DC, we curate only the highest-quality, top-tier cannabis pre-rolls with the needs of our users in mind. 

Here are our top selections for the best cannabis pre-roll brands in DC.  

House Blend Pre-Rolls

When you purchase $10 worth of digital art at Legacy DC, you get one free pre-roll — our house blend. 

The House Blend pre-rolls contain .75 grams of premium flower, hand-rolled by our curators. If you love a heavy-hitting blend or want a surprise, the House Blend pre-roll is the perfect place to start. 

What is a house blend, exactly? As the name suggests, it mixes the current in-house flower. This blend creates a powerful punch of flavors and effects, capturing all the strains’ best qualities. 

Next Level Dipped and Infused Pre-Rolls

With 1.25 grams of premium flower in each pre-roll, Next Level pre-rolls are designed for a smooth and powerful smoking experience. The top shelf flower is infused with rosin and wrapped in natural RAW paper. What takes the experience to the next level is that each pre-roll is rolled in kief to maximize the potency.

Next Level pre-rolls come in a range of rich flavors and cannabis strains, including: 

  • Caramel Macchiato — Jack Herer (Sativa)
  • Pomegranate — OG Kush (Indica)
  • Original (Unflavored) — OG Kush (Indica)
  • Wild Cherry — Gorilla Glue (Hybrid)
  • Birthday Cake — Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)
  • Butterscotch — Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid)
  • Banana Cream — Gelato (Hybrid)
  • Creme Brulee — Strawberry Cough (Sativa)

Boutiq Diamond Infused Mini Pre-Rolls

Boutiq’s Diamond Infused pre-rolls are made from an indoor-grown, micro-diamond-infused flower — all wrapped in premium rolling paper. The concentrate is evenly distributed, giving you an intense but smooth experience from beginning to end. 

These mini joints might be small, but they pack a powerful punch. A jar comes with five rolls, each weighing 0.5 grams — 2.5 grams total. 

DC pre-rolls Types

dc pre rolls types

If you’re a first-time smoker — or you remember what it was like to be new to the game — you know how confusing it can be to start buying cannabis products. On top of the dozens of strain options, you have no shortage of devices to smoke with, like joints, pipes, and vapes. 

The wide variety might look overwhelming initially, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you know your way around, the extensive range of quality products can feel exciting. It’s an excellent opportunity to find the perfect product for you and your needs, from edibles to pre-packed joints. 

So, no matter your level of experience or smoking preferences, there’s a pre-roll for you. Here are some of the different types of pre-rolls available in DC.

Flower Pre-Rolls

A flower pre-roll is exactly what it sounds like: 0.5 to 2 grams of cannabis rolled in smokable paper with a filter on the end. There are flower pre-rolls with varying THC concentrations and strains available. CBD pre-rolls are also available on the market.

The majority of pre-rolled joints are rolled by machine or packed by hand into a filtered cone. Flower pre-rolls provide the classic joint experience without the hassle for consumers who dislike rolling or are short on time.

Moon Rock Pre-Rolls

If you’ve never heard of moon rock pre-rolls, you might be wondering what they are. Moon rocks are dense and potent flower nuggets that are frequently dipped or blended in concentrated oil and dipped in kief. The end result is an intense and flavorful high with THC levels ranging from 60% to 80%.

Moon rock pre-rolls are just pre-rolled joints stuffed with ground-up moon rock. They’re perfect for anyone seeking a more intense and potent high. 

Live Resin Pre-Rolls

Live resin pre-rolls are a kind of infused pre-roll. After the cannabis flower is ground up, it’s mixed with live resin and rolled with smoke paper. The potent, THC-rich resin can be added to the inside of the paper, or the whole joint can be dipped in it. 

Not only do live resin pre-rolls offer a potent high, but they’re also known for being intensely fragrant. 

Hash Pre-Rolls

Like live resin pre-rolls, hash pre-rolls are infused with a cannabis concentrate. While some forms of the pre-roll have a dry version of the hash sprinkled across the flower, you can also get the flower infused with hash oil, which may be on the cheaper end of infused pre-rolls. 

Experienced smokers looking for a more potent high might enjoy the intensity of hash pre-rolls. 

Buying the Best Pre-Rolls in Washington DC 

Buying pre-rolls has never been easier in Washington, DC, as the gifting economy thrives. Just keep in mind that gifts are only intended for people over the age of 21, and medical cards are not required for recreational cannabis. Keep these products out of the reach of children at all times. 

Whether you prefer pre-rolled joints or want to get hands-on with weed flower, Legacy DC has all your cannabis needs covered. From top-shelf flower to infused pre-rolls, we have about anything you could ask for, along with the expertise to help you find what you need. 

Ready to try out a premium pre-roll for yourself? Look no further than the collection of pre-rolls offered by Legacy DC. Take a look at our website or drop by our shop to browse the gifts in person — walk-ins welcome. pre roll buying guide dc