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are THC vapes legal in dc

Are THC Vapes Legal in Washington DC?

THC vapes are changing the way people consume cannabis. They’re easy to use and are thought to be a safer alternative to smoking cannabis, as they don’t produce the cancer-causing toxins of burning material such as tar. Because combustion is involved in smoking marijuana, there’s the risk of airway inflammation and shortness of breath – health concerns that you can avoid by switching to vape pens which do not require an open flame. 

The vaping experience delivers a lot of advantages over other methods of cbd consumption, but is it legal in the nation’s capital? You’ll be glad to know that it is. Thanks to Initiative 71, a marijuana legalization measure approved in 2014, adults over 21 are permitted to use up to two ounces of cannabis and to grow up to six marijuana plants. 

Read on to find out more about THC vapes, and how you can get your hands on high-quality vape pens in DC: 

Is Vaping Marijuana legal in DC?

Initiative 71 is the law that legalized the use of marijuana, and brought about an explosive change in the market. But the law still doesn’t allow for sales of marijuana, so how do you get your stash without going against federal law? Well, although a traditional buyer-seller transaction for cannabis is not allowed, it is perfectly okay to give small amounts of THC products as gifts. Simply find a trusted gift dispensary, and choose an item to buy like an art piece, stickers, cups or even music to receive your THC vape pens or edibles for free. And don’t worry because the current legislation allows for this, as long as there is no money involved in getting your THC products. You can also obtain THC concentrates or dabs in this way, but you need to be extra careful as there is no direct mention of dabs in the current laws so the use of it may still hold legal consequences. 

Where to Buy Vape Pens in DC?

where to buy vape pens in dc

With most states allowing the recreational use of cannabis, it’s easier than ever to find dispensaries that offer them legally. Whether it’s your first time trying cannabis vape, or you’re a regular user seeking a new type of high with this modern cannabis vaporizer, you’ll have plenty of great options for dispensaries in DC that offer vape cartridges, flower, edibles, cannabis concentrates and even distillate syringes. If you’re on a quick trip to the capital, you’ll be delighted at the great number of hot spots for weed enthusiasts to get your good giggle from. You’ll not only see gift stores with their own funky and innovative interiors, you’ll probably also get to meet some friendly budtenders along the way.

Look out for local dealers that offer vape products for a suspiciously lower price, because you might be getting contaminated marijuana. Businesses with a physical store offer the advantage of being readily-available and easier to deal with because they allow you to see the products in the flesh and provide you with the full experience of shopping for the green stuff.

What is Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is rich in THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Some say it’s one of the best concentrates out there, because unlike other forms of concentrates in the market, it retains much of its natural terpenes and so delivers a fresh flavor and quality that significantly enhances the vaping experience. The abundance of natural flavors in live resin is attributed to the extraction process which involves the use of frozen cannabis material instead of cured or dried cannabis that lose their natural flavors during the curing and drying process.  

Live resin is quite sticky and has a consistency that’s similar to wax and crystallized honey. Where other concentrates have deep colors, live resin is typically either light yellow or white. 

In addition to its rich flavor profile and the robust aroma that make it so popular among cannabis users, live resin packs a whole lot of therapeutic benefits as well. Because a high percentage of terpenes is preserved when extracting live resin, and terpenes are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, it has the potential to provide relief from nausea and chronic pain. 

How to Use Vape Pens

how to use vape pens

If you’re new to using vape pens as a way to enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrates, you may be wondering how exactly it works and what the proper way is to use it. 

Vape pens are used to heat cannabis products just enough to turn the terpenes and cannabinoids into a pure vapor for inhaling. This vapor may feel different from smoke, so even if you’ve smoked weed before, vaping may still take some getting used to. When it comes to vaping, you get the advantage of being able to control and find the best temperature for the smell and taste you’re looking for. For example, if you want the vapor to be less harsh on your throat, low temp vaping (325-350°F) may be ideal for you. But if you’re after a more potent vapor, then you need high heat for that. 

Take note of the following things you need: 

Buy a battery (A.K.A a Pen)

Your vape requires a good battery that has great capacity and suits your device. When buying one, make sure to consider the battery life – the higher the milliamp Hours (mAh), the better the capacity. 

Charging time is also an important consideration. A battery that takes the whole day to charge is certainly out of the question. Lastly, check the safety features of the battery to ensure you’re getting one that’s not going to suddenly overheat or worse explode while in use.  

Buy a cartridge at a dispensary

Where you’re buying your cartridge is important in ensuring you get the best quality. If you’re buying from anywhere other than legitimate dispensaries, you can’t be sure if the product you’re getting is pure and safe. Black market cartridges contain chemicals or additives that could be harmful to your health, so you’re better off avoiding those. 

For a more heat-stable cartridge, go for glass or acrylic glass tanks. Plastic breaks down with repeated exposure to THC concentrates, releasing toxins that get into your lungs.  

Having a clear idea of what effect you want out of the vape cartridge is also important. A good dispensary will have friendly staff who can recommend the best strains that will fit what you’re looking for in terms of overall effects and THC content.

A good vaping experience also depends largely on the quality of cannabis oil in the cartridge. The best oils are very thick, have a light shade of yellow or gold, and don’t have synthetic odors. 

Attach cart to charged battery

Once you have the battery and cartridge with you, make sure that the battery is fully charged by connecting it to the USB charger until adequately charged. Next, remove any packaging from the top of the cartridge, then screw the cartridge onto the battery and adjust it to ensure a proper and firm fit. Once connected, it’s time to turn on the unit. Some batteries will turn on automatically as you begin to draw, while others require tapping a button to activate.  

Take a Hit

If there’s a button on the battery, press it and put the mouthpiece to your lips as you start to inhale softly through it. Short, quick draws, combined with thorough exhales are best. With vape carts, THC enters your body almost immediately as you inhale so there’s no need for breath-holding to intensify or quicken the effects. If it’s your first time, begin slowly by taking one draw at a time and waiting about 10 minutes in between pulls.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Vape Pen

Now that you know how to set up your vape pen, it’s time to get to know your new favorite weed device better: 

Many weed cartridge batteries allow you to toggle between different heat settings. Each heat level can affect the THC oil longevity as well as the flavor, with low heat providing the best taste overall. Bump the heat setting up and you get a stronger hit. You want to avoid using the highest setting, however, as it can damage the cartridge and cause the atomizer and the oil to become burned, resulting in dry and burnt vapor hits. 

For the perfect balance of potency and flavor, go for the medium setting which is equivalent to 3.2 volts. 

How long you inhale also affects how big the hit will be – the longer you breathe in, the stronger the hit. So if you want a lesser hit in the beginning, go for small puffs.   

Where Can You Smoke Vapes in DC?

where can you smoke vapes in dc

Want to smoke on the go but without being fined? Vape pens are perfect for exactly this. They are portable and almost odorless especially when set to a low heat level, making them efficient for smoking discreetly in public. However, there are some things to consider.

With cannabis being decriminalized and made legal in more states, smoking weed vapes is also becoming more socially acceptable . But before you take your bud outside and get that euphoric vibe going on, keep in mind that it’s still illegal to smoke or consume weed in public places and within federal property. Still, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a ton of options for spots where you can smoke without worry. 

There are many exciting weed events in the city where you’re free to spark up your dope – that is as long as the business has permission to allow smoking in the venue. Certain dispensaries and private clubs also allow customers to smoke inside the premises, but not all. To be safe, find out the rules of a location where you want to smoke. When in doubt, ask your budtender! They’d be happy to help!

What is a dab pen

A dab pen, also known as a wax pen, is an electronic device designed for vaping THC concentrates, more specifically dabs, in one hit. It is similar to vape pens in terms of components and usage. They’re both compact and easy to operate, but the key difference is in the potency and flavor. The oil used in vape pens are commonly mixed with other cannabis and non-cannabis derived ingredients, thus reducing the potency and taste of the concentrate. Dab pens on the other hand use more concentrated forms of marijuana, so they’re able to provide a higher potency in a single dab. If you’re a regular cannabis user, you’ll probably appreciate this intensity, but it’s certainly not for everyone. So if you’re new to cannabis, vaping may be a better introductory experience due to its lower intensity.  

Dab pens usually consist of three components: 

Battery – 

the essential power source of the unit. Dab pen batteries can be either automatic, manual, or both. Manual batteries are great for controlling your hits, as you get to adjust between different ranges of voltages that affect the intensity of your draw and the flavor of the vapor. In contrast, automatic batteries typically have a fixed temperature setting, but offer the advantage of lower battery consumption, allowing you to vape longer. 

Atomizer – 

the heating element responsible for the vaporization process. Atomizers are where cannabis oil is heated and converted into inhalable vapor. Because atomizers or cartridges tend to break down over time, it’s good practice to replace them after 2 or 3 months, or as soon as you notice an unpleasant taste and vapor. 

Mouthpiece – 

this is the part of the dab pen through which you breathe in the vapor. Also called a drip tip, the mouthpiece comes in a variety of colors and sizes that let you customize your unit and even enhance your vaping experience. A short drip tip is ideal for staying discreet, while a longer mouthpiece delivers a cooler and smoother vapor. 

Why You Should Pick Up a Vape Pen at the Dispensary 

We all love being blasted, and all the more when we can do it unnoticed. This is the best thing about vape pens – they’re discreet and convenient, and you’ll have no problem storing them.

Here are more reasons to love THC vape

Discrete Smoking – 

One of the best things about vaping cbd is that there is less smoke compared to lighting up a joint, and almost no odor (if there’s any smell, it’s only minimal and dissipates in minutes). As such, you don’t attract attention to yourself nor make a mess while drawing in a breath of vaporized cbd oil. 

Convenient – 

Vape pens are compact, sleek, and convenient. They do not require much effort to maintain, and you don’t need a special storage place for them. You can easily fit them into your pocket or purse, and they will be ready for use anytime you feel like taking a few puffs, even when you’re outside. Vape pens are also lightweight, so there’s no hassle in carrying or handling them.

Packs a punch – 

The cbd concentrates used in vape pens have very high levels of THC, which is why the effects are more enhanced than plant marijuana. This high THC content can be beneficial for a quicker relief from pain and nausea. 

Sometimes you can find disposable vapes – 

What can be more convenient than vape pens? The disposable type. They’re compact and sturdy, and are typically prefilled with set dosages so really you don’t have much work to do to use them. There’s also enough battery until all the concentrates inside are used up, so there’s no need to charge the unit. 

Different strains/flavors – 

Unlike smoking, vaping brings the taste of the strain onto your tongue, so the strain’s terpenes and cannabinoid are more pronounced. This makes it important to choose a strain with a flavor profile that sits well with you.

Pick your high: there’s the Pineapple Express strain that exudes the aroma of fresh tropical fruits with undernotes of spices and induces a relaxing feeling. Then there’s Sour Diesel that is famous for providing an almost instant mood lift, and has strong notes of gasoline and lemon.

Visit our art gallery and gifting shop, and you’ll find a variety of strains that are perfect for vaping.  Plus you can take them home free with your art purchase!